Conflict-of-Interest (CoI) Guidelines

As part of the paper-submission process, we are asking authors to indicate which TPC members might have a conflict-of-interest (CoI) with their submission. The aim is to ensure that a submission will not be assigned to a TPC member with a potential CoI, either for handling or for review. The definition of what constitutes a CoI with a TPC member is as follows:

  1. An author of the paper has had the TPC member either as a Masters or PhD thesis supervisor or else, as a Masters/Ph.D. student (past or current).
  2. An author of the paper and the TPC member belong to the same institution.
  3. An author of the paper and the TPC member are co-authors of a document that in the 12 months preceding the planned ISIT submission, has either appeared in print or else has been made available to the public online, for example, by placing the document on arXiv.

Only the 3 criteria listed above (one or more) may be used to indicate a CoI.