Guidelines for Page Length and Format

Authors are encouraged to use LaTex to format their final manuscripts, using the standard IEEE conference specifications.

IEEE Conference Paper Specifications

Manuscripts should use font size no smaller than 10 points, and have reasonable margins on all 4 sides of the text. The top and bottom margins should be at least 0.5 inches to leave room for page numbers. All fonts should be embedded in the PDF file.

The paper is limited to 5 pages in standard IEEE conference format. It can have an optional 5 pages of appendix, with additional details such as excluded proofs that would be read at the discretion of the reviewers. The reviewers are not required to read these additional pages and the paper should be intelligible without them. The additional 5 pages will not be a part of the final manuscript appearing in IEEE Xplore, if the paper is accepted for publication. Manuscripts longer than 10 pages will be rejected without review.