Semi-plenary Sessions in ISIT 2015

This year we are trying out a new experiment for ISIT 2015 by having semi-plenary sessions, i.e., time slots within the ISIT program with regular talks where only two parallel sessions are scheduled. These would be selected from among the submitted papers and would be of the same length, both in terms of time, 20 minutes, as well as in terms of final-paper length, 5 pages.

The main motivation to try this is to highlight work that explores new directions, presents new ideas and that makes interesting connections. By highlighting such work, we hope to encourage the information theory community to further broaden the boundaries of the field. The semi-plenary sessions are envisaged to provide incentives for individuals to do so by providing them a forum. As an auxiliary goal, the semi-plenary sessions can also be used to showcase papers that contain results that are deserving of exposure to a broader audience, such as papers that solve very important problems. The final list of candidates for the 2015 IEEE Jack Keil Wolf ISIT Student Paper Award will also be presented in the semi-plenary sessions so that they get more attention from the community.

All submissions to ISIT are automatically considered for presentation in the semi-plenary sessions and authors are not required to do anything explicitly about this.